Bachelor Degree in Physiology
Master Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Past Employment

Various research and teaching positions at well-known institutions


Hello everyone!!

I am a science nerd to the core. I am well read in all areas dealing with the human body. I specialize in molecular biology, biotechnology, neuroscience, biochemistry, general physiology (in the cellular and systematic levels) and various cutting edge research techniques. I am also well versed in many other academic areas from Aardvarkism to Zoology (kidding of course, just have a wide breadth of knowledge)! 

In my spare time I enjoy reading, working on the computer, acting as an editor for various academic journals, and listening to music. If you have a specific question, please ask!

*For the love of all that is holy...If you are submitting a paper electronically, make sure you change the author information to reflect your own personal information!


Date Comment Rating
02/12/2015 Fantastic work, thank you again!
12/03/2014 Bid 5 days on the project.  Completed the project in 10 days.  The paper was way late and past the due date.  The professor submitted a document that was not complete and incorrect.  When questioned he stated he sent the wrong paper, and then followed up with another document stating this was the correct one.  When attempting to open the new document it was "corrupt".  When following up for a legitimate file he kept resending the same corrupt document.  After two attempts of sending the same corrupt document he no longer responded to any requests to provide the completed work.  I ended up with the initial paper that was plagiarized and did not cover any of the objectives for the paper request.

I have used this site about 10 times now and have had no other issues with any other professors, but this one.  I made the mistake of hitting the pay professor button without fully reviewing the intial work submitted as I have used the site multiple times with no issues.

11/25/2014 Quality of work was good.  My paper was done in a very short time. Though revisions were needed, the turn-around for those revisions were incredibly quick (measured in hours to a single day).  I am quite impressed and will definitely keep this instructor in mind for future projects.
11/18/2014 A+
11/18/2014 A+
11/14/2014 This essay clearly satisfied the request that was asked and really went above and beyond ! excellent work. I was interested while reading it and I find health care very uninteresting. best money i've spent
11/13/2014 Biology-Bum delivered such a thorough and clear essay. While I was unsure if his/her biology background would limit the ability to write a historical analysis, this was one of the best papers I've recieved. On time and well done. 
11/12/2014 My first time using this service so I dont have any other professors to compare Biology-Bum to but the work was all done extremely fast and extremely well in my opinion. I think it was a bit pricey but nonehteless very nice work. 
11/12/2014 Great Job as always!
11/10/2014 Outstanding Work!!!
11/09/2014 The paper was exactly what I had envisioned. Also, thank you for delivering it in a speedy manner. I am very impressed.
11/09/2014 Awesome work. Followed the criteria exactly as specified and did even more than expected. I could really see a lot of effort was put into it.
11/02/2014 Works quickly and the work is always top notch.
10/31/2014 Perfect!
10/30/2014 Appreciate the effort put into it.  A little later than deadline, but no complaints about the writing   Easy to reach.
10/30/2014 Great paper.  Received an A.
10/29/2014 Assignment was completed extremely fast especially given the short time frame. Great work!
10/29/2014 Great Job!!
10/28/2014 Great job by Professor,

Prompt and stayed in communication with status.
10/28/2014 Did exacly what i wanted and did it within a small time frame, even though BB is more of a science guy. Biology-Bum writes, analysis and deconstructs an essay quite well. 

thank you. 
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