Double PhD, and received an offer for a PhD position from all three of the top universities in my field.

Past Employment

My past experience includes:
  • Editing
  • College level instruction
  • Tutoring
  • Private sector: Management


I'm a born academic who enjoys academic writing and who would like to put his skills to good use while looking for a permanent, tenure-track job as a professor. I'm looking forward to helping you get the perfect paper while you sit back and relax. I'm fast and punctual, and will go the extra mile to make you happy.

All posted deadlines are Eastern Standard Time.

My interests include:
  • Western Philosophy
  • Comparative Literature
  • Western European Languages and Linguistics
  • Late 18th, 19th and 20th century European and American History


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01/25/2016 Went through multiple drafts to write a great application essay for me. Really friendly and communicative! Choose TE for all your needs. :)
07/18/2015 Great!
07/18/2015 Best one here!
07/08/2015 Assignment was on time and they did a really great job with my paper. 
04/02/2015 The best one in this league. Sometimes he is too busy, and can't take on my projects, and I notice the difference in the quality of work, and then in my grades. Never received less than "A" with this guy!
02/18/2015 Thoreauly-Educated did a excellent job for this assigement fixing all the problems we have to deal with and the communication was really good always answering straight away even with the time diference. Best professor I worked with in this website so far. I highly recommend choosing Thoreauly Educated.
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
11/23/2014 Without a doubt, essay was perfect! my teacher gave me an excellant grade!
10/27/2014 Best writer ever!
10/10/2014 Excellent!
08/26/2014 Couldnt ask for a better paper! It was well written, on time and he worked with me. This professor works so fast and it'squality work. If you go with this professor I promise you wont go wrong. He's on it!
08/26/2014 Another "A"! I dont know how he does it but its awesome!
08/26/2014 I have used this site for many papers and I would have to say this is my go-to guy. He went above and beyond what I needed. This professor rocks!
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