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    PhD: Harvard (Philosophy / Political Science). MA: Harvard (Psychology). BSc: Rice (Business Statistics / Psychology). BA: Rice (Double Major: English Literature & Composition and European History)

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    I'm a lifelong professional scholar: I've taught both Philosophy and English at the university level. I was a research assistant to a high-profile analyst. I've been a professional writing tutor for over 15 years (mostly in Statistics, English, Psych, History, and Philosophy). I've written and published numerous academic journal articles as well as a book. I was also a social science teacher at a very prestigious private school full of snobby rich kids for two years. And, finally, I protect students' sanity by providing high-quality scholarly papers that are always delivered on time.


    My research and writing skills are second to none and I always meet the deadline. Don't settle for "budget" options when you can hire a PhD who delivers top-quality papers -- trust me, you will definitely get what you pay for! I may be a little more expensive than the average writer here, but at least you can rest assure that my papers will always be well written, cited with scholarly sources, formatted per the appropriate style guide, and ALWAYS delivered on time!
    I am a well read scholar and possess a wide range of expertise. From Statistics, Math and Science to Philosophy and Psychology to English Literature to History, I can produce high-quality papers on almost any topic. My rigorous research ethic and exceptional writing skills make me the perfect writer for your master's thesis, capstone paper, or dissertation. 
    I am well versed in APA, Chicago, MLA, and Bluebook style guides and will always provide a reference list with my papers. My pricing is typically based on a double-spaced page in 12-point Times New Roman font, but I'm happy to format your paper any way you'd like. All quoted times are 11:59 PM PST, unless otherwise noted!


    Date Comment Rating
    04/08/2021 Mr. Harvard was fantastic. He was great at coomunicating and did a fantastic job with my assignment. I highly reccomend you choose him to assist you with your needs! 
    04/04/2021 Mr. Harvard completed the work on time and answered all of my projects requirements. Initially there was a discrepency with the length of the paper, but after asking him to revise it he complied and sent me a revision..same day! He also went above and beyond and sent me an excel spreadsheet for the basis of his analysis on my accounting project. He's professional and the real deal, will work with him again for future projects.
    03/19/2021 Mr.Harvard is the best prof on this site! Highly recommended!! very quick turnaround and always deliver good quality work. Im always satisfied with the work and get a good grade. Thank you!! He had helped me many finance, stastics, excel projects, would definitely continue work with Mr Harvard!
    03/08/2021 The professor filled in a lot of the blanks to assist with the project, particulary the statistics portion that I struggled through in the term.  I was, however, disappointed in a lot of ways.  This is my first time using this site or anything similar and I should have managed my expectations better.  I posted a timeline, which was bid on at $500 or more by 11 suitors.  I chose this professor at $500 and thankfully paid the extra $12 for the VIP option.  I was immediately met with a message asking for the actual deadline for the class stating that it may be too short of a timeline.  Mind you, I posted, they bid, I accepted, they inmediately sought more time.  I explained that I needed the very last day to proofread and assemble the assignment and had very little
    time that day to do so.  This did not put my mind at ease whatsoever.  When the paper was 10 hrs beyond the posted timeline, I used the VIP option to move things along.  I was asked for a couple of more hours.  A couple of hours later, I got what the professor deacribed as a "95% solution" and was asked to wait a couple more hours.  I spent  three of these hours editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. because it was very hastily assembled and lacked clarity.  Hours later, after prodding once again via VIP, I received the remaining hastily assembled portion, which I spent another hour editing, and then submitted to for a check, which came back with even more needed editing within the professor's writing. 

    i did not receive the project on time, communication was poor, and it was certainly not a $500 product. I would really like to prorate the payment for the amount of hours late plus the amount of hours spent correcting to paper to receive a partial refund.  What was supposed to be a day spent supporting my wife and four kids and tending to their needs, was spent editing someth

    Unfortunately, this client wasn't completely clear with the directions at first, as this project was much more than just adding 20 pages and editing the original content -- the entire statistics portion of this was incorrect. The improper tests were used to analyze the data, so the entire theses had to be re-written, which were not state beforehand... all in LESS than 48 hours. We try our best, but we're not miracle workers! I had asked about the deadline because I wanted to make sure this wasn't going to be turned in at midnight on Saturday. I was met with the reply that he wanted to 'go over' it on Sunday. Because of the extra work re-writing this entire thesis, I took a bit of time on Sunday morning to button the original writings up. I felt lucky enough to have this completed 24 hours before your turn-in time, especially knowing what shape it was in. Anyways, best of luck!
    02/25/2021 Found or one or two spots that needed some rewording, but otherwise amazing work!
    02/21/2021 Mr Harvard is the best ever, but pls i would appreciate  if you reduce your rate
    02/20/2021 Amazing work and quick turnaround! 
    02/20/2021 Execllent Job
    02/17/2021 Awesome work and ahead of schedule! 
    02/15/2021 Did it in time and everything seems allright and nice! 

    Will definitly use him in the future if needed.

    Now i will look forward to the grading.

    Kind regards, 
    02/09/2021 Thank you so much. :)
    12/21/2020 Great work! Very professional and willing to help. I highly recommend this professor!!
    12/20/2020 A nice person who provided exemplary work with an unbelievably quick turnaround. Highest recommendation!
    12/18/2020 Project was on time, but accountig spreadsheet had mistakes - I had to redo it.  Memo was good and just needed small changes.  
    12/14/2020 Project came out fantastic and recieved before due due! Highly recommeneded!
    12/14/2020 I had an amazing experience using this platform. It might be a little expensive but it's totally worth it. 
    He delivered a properly explained (& quite complex) statistics project to me. 10/10
    12/13/2020 MrHarvard was amazing from start to finish, before going with this professor I had only used this service once before and that submission was an absolute waste of my money and time! I was nervous going into my second project with MrHavard, but I just thought I would trust the reviews on his profile, and ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS! My stats report was done two days before the due date, MrHavard was willing to make revisions once I looked over it, but honestly no revisions were necessary, I made minor edits but nothing drastic! Best part is I got an A grade back! SO VERY HAPPY, IF I COULD I'D BE LEAVING A 12/10 RATING FOR HOW FAST, FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL MY EXPERIENCE WAS WITH HIM!!!! THANKS A MILLI :)
    12/10/2020 Got my work to me before I requested, the work completed was good quality
    12/09/2020 Amazing work Professor, thanks again for delivering way ahead of time so I can review. 
    12/09/2020 LOVE YOU THREE THOUSAND! thanks for the timed econ exam <3 Let's do more work together 
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