Bachelor Degree in Biology
Master Degree in Biological Sciences
Master Degree in Business and Finance
PhD in Molecular Biology

Past Employment

Various research and teaching positions at well-known institutions. I have also been serving as a freelance writer for the past 10-years.



I am a science nerd to the core. I am well read in all areas dealing with the human body. I specialize in molecular biology, biotechnology, neuroscience, biochemistry, general physiology (in the cellular and systematic levels) and various innovative research techniques. I am also well versed in many other academic areas from Aardvarks to Zoology (kidding, of course, just have a wide breadth of knowledge)!

*Please include all your deliverables on the original project description page. If you do not include all your project's requirements in the original description, I am not required to add them after the project has been completed. My time is valuable, as is yours. I operate in EST, unless otherwise noted. Although the projects I complete are 100% original, they are SOLELY intended to be used as an outline to complete your own work. Please refer to your institutions annual report regarding academic honesty if you are uncertain. Lastly, I follow the website minimum for bidding ($25/ds, $35/1.5 spaced, $50/ss, $10/ppt slide. Clarify if you need slide notes and/or audio prior to project acceptance). Any bid above the minimum reflects the complexity of the project.



Date Comment Rating
07/05/2020 My paper required a revision in order for it to be accepted. I contacted the professor and he agreed to make edits however, he never did and he stopped responind to my messages. 
06/27/2020 Professor Polymerase is my go-to for help with my projects!  Professor has assisted me with great work on Economics and Accounting assignments, and has furthered my understanding of the materials.  I highly recommend Professor Polymerase if you want the job done corrrectly and on-time!! 
06/14/2020 Always does a great job that is detailed and time efficient, 
06/14/2020 Great, Timely flexible with time. 
06/13/2020 A+ Excellent 
06/13/2020 Excelent 
06/13/2020 Excellent job Thanks you 
06/13/2020 thanks you ! Always on time 
06/11/2020 awesome job. Definetly going to use this professor again. The paper was great and the topic he chose was perfect. 
06/08/2020 Outstanding paper.
05/31/2020 always A plus work
05/29/2020 I will use the Prof again
05/29/2020 Thank you! 
05/19/2020 Great paper! I received a 100%
05/19/2020 This professor rocks! super quick responses to questions.  High quality product!!  I will use again in the future!
05/18/2020 great job and timely 
05/16/2020 Excelent!! :)
05/12/2020 Great! Very on time! 
05/11/2020 Good work 
05/08/2020 This was my first time using a professor and I'm so thankful I did! Prof. Polymerase was quick to return my project several days ahead of schedule and was very communicative during the process. Many thanks!!
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