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I am a professional writer with both a Bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences and a Master's degree in Political Science and Communication. I have worked as a freelance academic writer for several years, having completed hundreds of projects with topics ranging from economics to engineering, and everything in between. With this experience, I have learned how to craft quality papers and projects that are customized to your preferences and guidelines. 

***All deadlines are at Midnight (PST) on the day of the project due date. Bids meet the minimum $25 per page requirement from the administration. Projects with a deadline shorter than three days are subject to higher bids. I will be happy to complete any edits that the client deems necessary, but projects will be considered final once submitted to the course professor, and subject to additional fees if further edits are needed.***


Date Comment Rating
08/21/2017 Excellent!
08/05/2017 very well done essay well structured! highly recommend this professor! 
06/30/2017 100%!
05/17/2017 Fantastic English skills, well written and very, very comprehensive got me a C+ so I am pretty happy with that!
04/24/2017 i used this professor before and he did great work, im sure he still does, but on the most recent paper i used him, i recieved a 0 for plagarism. I wouldnt tell you not to use this professor because his work is great, but just double check and make sure he knows.
04/11/2017 Truly awful work. This "professor" borrowed heavily from wikipedia, to the point where almost every section of the wikipedia article was copied with a word changed here or there in a feeble attempt to disguise this fact. The result was utter nonsensical crap that I wouldn't turn in for a grade even if I was sleeping with my professor. A terrible experience. I feel dumber for having read through the "completed" paper. I can't imagine having a worse experience. Do not waste your time.
04/06/2017 I got this guy to bid on my project a month ago. He backed out on the last second don't use this professor very unreliable.
04/06/2017 Got it on time, and it was just as i asked. Though few minor errors, i got a 65% and well.. it could of been worse.

The paper i got had the most deduction on the Thesis, it lacks specifics outlining the central argument and the paper generally develops an argument. 
03/31/2017 Highly reccommend Professor Hegel! Will be using again!
03/31/2017 Excellent paper and instructions followed! Will definately come back.
03/30/2017 Very nice paper. Received on time and met all requirements. Ended up getting a 95% it.
03/28/2017 Professor Hegel delivered a subpar product. I tried multiple times throughout to communicate with him, and he gave me cursury assurances that the work would be finished rather than addressing my concerns. My request had three distinct parts, and Professor Hegel very clearly only completed about half of the project. I sent him a message inquiring about the third part, but was ignored. I was unfamiliar with the website's policy of automatically deducted funds after two days, meaning that after Professor Hegel had ignored my question for long enough the money was already his. 

This is indeed my fault for not familiarizing myself with the website's rules, but it is also VERY obviously unethical behavious by professor Hegel. I write this so that any future customers can think long and hard before making the same mistakes as me.

03/28/2017 Well researched and well writen paper, professor-hegel is a life saver, will definitely use his services in the future!
03/25/2017 Absolutely wonderful writing.  Highly recommended.
03/25/2017 Excellent work. 
03/24/2017 Excellent work.  Exactly what I needed and on time.
03/24/2017 Awesome! Finished on time and a great paper.
Great work. Thank you
03/22/2017 Amazing quality of work and response time was awesome. Highly recommend professor-hegel for anyone who needs an annotated bib completed for them. I will be coming to them again in the future!
03/21/2017 good work as always
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