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Great work
12/15/2015 Absolutely horrific. 
The essay was completed on time and met all instructed specifications (correct citation, etc.)
However the essay itself was horrendous. Writen in a very robotic manor, I had to ask the prof to correct it three times. The first time, I had to say that the entire nature of the essay was off. The essay in general, which was meant to be an empathetic look into how colonialism has effected first nations mental health, was written from the perspective that colonisers had come and 'civilised the savages.' Missing the entire point of theessay put aside, hte paper also included many short and bland sentences, almost juvenile and very obviously done without much consideration. 
Despite having good experiences with this website before, I'm scared of hiring another professor incase they produce works such as this.
11/10/2015 This was a bit late, I had this prof do a essay for me and it was good and to the point.
07/02/2015 Not quality work for the money
07/02/2015 Passed class thats all that counts.
06/02/2015 good
06/01/2015 The best paper written ever!!!!  Thank you so much, I received a 99% on this paper.  YOU ARE AWESOME!
05/10/2015 Worst paper I've ever read. The grammar was so poor that you could not even understand what it was supposed to mean. She didn't use the data sent with the instructions, I had to redo 90% of the report on the day it was due and still did not finish it on time. 
05/10/2015 outstanding paper, fast turnover, worth every penny. 
05/10/2015 Project was delieverd on time. Recevied and 85 which was beyond satisfactory considering the subject matter. Thank you again.
05/07/2015 Outstanding work. Leaps and bounds ahead of others!
05/07/2015 Great work as always. Would definitely recommend!
05/06/2015 Thank you very much for such an outstanding product... your skills and knowledge clearly shows...

Professor Darrie delivered the product in a very short notice with outstanding results... Thank you very much.
05/04/2015 she did a great job with my essay!! she gave it on time for me to review. it was well written!!
05/03/2015 The short essay was just what I needed and the professor was professinal and got it completed in record time before the due date. Thank you so much!
04/23/2015 Recieved my paper five and a half hours after the agreed upon time. Paper contained multiple spelling and grammar mistakes. Got an 80% on the paper. 
04/22/2015 Had a little bit of miscommunication with the deadline. Caught some grammatical and spelling errors but overall decent paper.
04/19/2015 Thank you very much

The paper was well written along with it being on time and to my specifications.

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