BA in International Relations - School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
MSc of War Studies - KCL, University of London
PhD in International Political Economy - KCL, University of London

Past Employment

Having taught at the university level and ending up being unsatisfied with the salary and long work hours, I am now a full-time professional writer. I have recently concluded my PhD studies and I am now enrolled in Psychology, History of Art and Law courses, all of which I have specifically started in order to broaden my ability to write essays. 


A grade average [60-75 on British scale]. Quick, original and well researched essays on demand.

I specialize in modern history, politics, economics, IR and security studies. Currently, I am working on extending beyond these subjects, bringing my professional level of writing into the fields of psychology, cultural history and law.

I always send a proof-read draft for confirmation at least a full day before schedule if the project is posted in due time. I am willing to add sources, edit paragraphs and even re-write portions of the essay based on reasonable critique. However, 95% of my customers are completely satisfied with the first draft.

The best way to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to attach your own highly graded essay or other piece of writing so that I can read and learn your way of writing.


Date Comment Rating
11/20/2017 Analyzed a poem for me and did a great job - clear and easy to understand and well done. Got it in before the deadline and I was very happy with the work.
11/16/2017 Great writing. 
Super happy with the finished product, was VERY accomadating with late changes.
11/12/2017 The paper was done on time and the content exceeded my expectations. However, the length was supposed to be 5 pages (without references). With the full page of references included there were four. Other than that everything was great, I would use this professor again. 
11/09/2017 It got the job done...but I had to go back and delete a whole paragraph becsue they kept saying things like "the author" refering to the person writing the paper (me), and also wrote "this essay" like 8 times...this was all in one paragraph. 
11/07/2017 thansk you for help me out with headace summery  :D
10/28/2017 the best ??
10/25/2017 It's clear not a whole lot of time was spent on the essay as I had to fix lots of grammar and tense issues and clean up word usage. Probably a C paper at best, but they got the ideas down and at a pretty good price. Turned what would've been 3 hrs of research into a 30 minute revision, thanks!
10/18/2017 Accurate and on time
10/08/2017 Thank you so much! it's a great essay and you saved my grade for sure. A+++
10/04/2017 superb
09/26/2017 QUICK AND EASY 
09/20/2017 Excellent work done quickly. Thank you!
09/08/2017 Very pleased with the quality of the essay, thank you.
08/28/2017 Thank you!
08/14/2017 This article is can't be used. Careless grammar mistakes and poorly written. This was for a post graduate class. I don't understand how you could read that and think it was acceptable. 
07/10/2017 Got an 82/100 very satisifiyed with turn around time. 
06/26/2017 First time asking for Petrovska's assistance and not disappointed. Knowledgeable with the minimum of fuss. Highly recommended!. 
06/17/2017 Gave me what I asked for and early. Pretty impressed. Might make a few changes but mostly because I need to dumb it down a bit to sound a little more my non-writer level. 
06/15/2017 Great writer. Worked hard and quickly producing great work under difficult circumstances. Only negative would be that she didn't fully read the project description and needed to be reminded of a few key points.
06/03/2017 Inadequate summary of Hook/Zinn. No summary of Janda at all.
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