I have two bachelor-level degrees in science and mathematics and two master-level degrees in humanities. Since I joined this site I've also taken several courses in other subjects to expand my subject areas. These courses include business, computer programming, engineering, education, economics, and other subjects. More recently, I started medical school, so I'm also happy to tackle anything related to biology, chemistry, health, or healthcare!

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Most people in this site brag about how they have a degree from a prestigious institution which is why they're best qualified for your project. I have multiple degrees from prestigious institutions too, but that's not why you should pick me. You should pick me for the following reasons:
  • I bid on your project because I think I can do a good job on it, not because I wrote a bot that just automatically bids on everything that gets posted
  • I meet deadlines every single time.
  • I offer revisions until you're satisfied with the final product 
  • Most importantly, I know how to design papers so they sound like they were written by a college student, since the last thing you want is to turn in a graduate-level paper for a freshman-level class! Just let me know what level the course is and what grade you want to get on the assignment and I'll custom deliver the project to meet the criteria.

Additionally, while I strive to provide high quality work, I do not guarantee grades for assignments, since expecations for written work can vary tremendously from one instructor to another (which by extension means anyone else on this site who does guarantee a grade is full of shit). Historically, my work tends to receive grades in the range of B+ to A-. If you're looking for an A+++ paper, I am not your guy (frankly, no one else is either). However, the more information you can give me about your instructor's expectations and the context they have covered in class, the more I can customize the project to meet your needs. It is difficult to know what exactly is expected with a one-sentence summary, but if you can provide me with the original project description, the course syllabus, and an outline of what has been discussed in class, I can be much more confident that the the project I produce for you will meet your instructor's expectations.

One final note about deadlines. Typically, I will submit the paper to you on the day given on the project description, as I like to be able to spend as much time as I can on a project in order to make it as good as I can. Because of this, I strongly recommend that you request a deadline a few days before it's actually due in your class, just to be safe in case something goes wrong on either of our ends. In the event that you've already posted a project and decide you'd like it a few days earlier, just let me know and I'll do what I can to get it to you within the new timeframe


Date Comment Rating
02/20/2024 Does the best work. Precise and helpful.
02/20/2024 good work!
02/13/2024 Project was exactly what I wanted. It passed immediately with no revisions needed. 
02/12/2024 Go-to professor! They have done MULTIPLE projects for me and always deliever!!
02/11/2024 Excellent service!
02/11/2024 Great Work! A+++++ Highly recommended 
02/09/2024 THE BEST 
02/07/2024 Excellent!
02/07/2024 great work!
02/07/2024 great work!
02/02/2024 Highly recomended!
01/24/2024 Great work!
01/14/2024 Multiple page spreadhseet completed on-time and recieved a score of 99/100. 
01/14/2024 Timely response, met all requirements (10+ pages), recieved a grade of 96/100. 
01/11/2024 .
01/10/2024 Delivered on time and received high quality work. 
01/10/2024 After back to back 100s its the only professor I trust with my assignments.
01/10/2024 Pased the assignment with 100 on this first try..Great Professor!!!
01/10/2024 Perfect! 
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