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Top 10 writing Subjects

Sociology 29 English 25 Business 22 Religion and Theology 21 Environmental Issues 17 Accounting 15 Geography 15 IT Management 15 Computer Science 14 Philosophy 14


  • Education

    AS in Biology 
    BS in Philosophy, focus on Asian philosophy
    BS in Sociology, focus on social movements
    (Minor in Business: entrepreneurship) 
    MS in Environmental Studies, focus on social ecology

    Additional strong background:

    Conflict Management
    Comparative Religion
    Web Development
    Academic Editing

    I primarily only pick up projects in these categories. Thank you!

    Past Employment

    I have several years experience crafting model assignments for students. I have worked as a writing tutor (particularly for ESOL students). Beyond that, my employment ranges from teaching to fine dining. I bring a cornucopia of worldly experience to everything I write.


    I'm one of those rare gems (or a masochist) who does this type of work because I enjoy it. I hate higher education as much as you do; the only difference is I have two bachelors and a master's, making me much more motivated than you to Stick it To the Man who screwed me over financially.  So a working arrangement between us is a win-win: you go get drunk while I exact my revenge.

    You can expect good communication, flexibility and absolute discretion. It is my genuine pleasure to deliver a typo-free, ON TIME and witty assignment with plenty of unusual commentary and a dash of Sriracha for zing.


    I only pick up what I have time to complete. As I am an active professor, I rarely pick up more than 6 or 8 assignments for my queue, so if you are bent on hiring me please plan accordingly. 

    I run all papers through Grammarly. 

    Don't speak English all that well? My experience as an ESOL tutor means I'm a pro at avoiding detection. 

    My bidding minimum is $25 per double-spaced page with regular margins, 12pt Times New Roman font and correct formatting. If your deadline is less than 24 hours, I will charge more. Thank you for your understanding. Title page, abstract and references (non-annotated only) included free. Most edits and revisions are free as well, but if it requires substantial overhaul for a reason other than a mistake on my part, will charge. 


    Date Comment Rating
    12/23/2019 He was pretty good!!
    11/24/2019 There is a reason I always come back to Sky. Even though I only gave him a few days notice he was still able to get my paper to me in time.  
    10/27/2019 Sky shows his great work again, this is why I keep coming back to him!
    10/17/2019 Sky was great as always! 10/10 would use again
    09/15/2019 Left me in awe of such great writing. Followed all requirements thoroughly. 
    07/20/2019 Did a great job! Very professional and on-time delivery. Will be using this professor again very soon. 
    07/09/2019 I wish I could give sky more than 10 stars.   I had him do a batch of 7 papers for me.  He got them all done early as well as being well written.   I know who I am coming back to for future  papers.  
    06/27/2019 Best of the best. Always great work
    06/12/2019 This professor is very thorough and well written. I’m very impressed. 
    06/10/2019 Just from reading through the paper I can tell it is A+ material.  Sky comes with my highest recommendation. 
    I loved it. Great Prof.
    06/06/2019 Quality paper, delivered before due time. 
    05/21/2019 Did up a cover letter and fixed my resume.  Fast, and did exactly what I was looking for.  Will contact again for any future writing needs!
    04/28/2019 great job

    04/25/2019 Amazing. This is the professor you need to pick.
    04/10/2019 Overall great experiance and a great essay! Even went out of his way and got me a source which i was missing for my assignment. Hopefully an A paper! 
    04/01/2019 Excellent work would recommend 10/10 times
    03/31/2019 Nice ideas
    03/05/2019 Excellent writing! would recomend this prof 10/10 times.
    03/04/2019 excellent work, fast, plenty of examples to see 
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