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    I began my educational quest with my heart and mind set on economics, or more accurately, set on making money on Wall Street. After some transformative experiences, I started studying philosophy and fell deeply in with Buddhism and other Eastern philosophical traditions, as well as Plato's work and some other pieces of the Western canon. 

    I stuck around the University for a go at a Master's degree. I assembled my own degree through a Liberal Studies format, with a focus on peace and reconciliation studies as well as more philosophy. I wrote my thesis on Karl Marx's ideas of alienation and commodification as applied to our world today, with a reccommendation of applying engaged Buddhist ethics and practices as a path of reconciling the many issues of our time. 

    As a graduate, I continue my studies of economics, sociology, philosophy, politics, spirituality, and the like with the interest of  gaining further understanding and ability to contribute clarity and goodness through my works. 

    Past Employment

    I've done nothing in my past employment that I would frame as "me", or representative of my career. My last job was as a barista in a specialty coffee shop. I love cafes, but unfortunately, have fallen allergic to coffee, which truly is a tragedy that I'd rather not talk about. 

    At the present I am glad to say I am a writer, ready to write, for you. 



    Thank you for being here. I am an illustrious writer with a dignified future in my back pocket. Really, I enjoy learning, exploring ideas that intrigue me, and reaching greater understanding of the social, political, economic, spiritual and other dynamics of what we know as our reality. I believe that in order to live a full life one must explore one's purpose and work with it until it is aligned with the uplift and further evolution of life. I am on the path of seeking and tweaking, living and learning, loving and writing academic papers that I find interesting. 



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    12/09/2018 Exceptional work!! If I could give more than ten stars, I would. The professor was able to meet the requirements of the paper to a tee. I  received an A+ on the research paper. I will definitely use the services of this professor in the future. 

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    12/08/2018 I coudn't be more thankful for the job by the professor. The paper was very well organized and everything was covered as it should. I got it earlier than the deadline. Thank you!!!

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    11/26/2018 I highly recommend this professor??????

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    11/23/2018 Not only was it completed over a week before the deadline, but it was a full page longer than expected and written so well! I'll have to go through it and dumb it down a little so that it's more believable to my professor (that's a great problem to have). I will without a doubt use this professor again as well as recommend him to all of my friends! It's expensive, but it probably bought me back 3 days of my life, so it's totally worth it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, PROFESSOR P!

    Wow, thank you for the warm feedback! I am so glad to help. Request me anytime! Best, P
    11/07/2018 All Star ?? 
    11/06/2018 perhaps it was my lack of guidlines, but the project lacked primary and secondary source material and was purely opinion based.
    your writing style is also very repetitive, i will not be using your services again, lest i be outrageously desparate. 
    it seems that this website is made for people who are not only time poor, but have extremely low intellectual standards. although i applaude you for taking advantage

    all the best 


    Hi j, I wish you had reached out to me regarding your complaints, because I would have made revisions. As you can see from my other reviews, your experience is by far the exception. all the best p
    10/27/2018 Phenomenal paper! Highly recommend.
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