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  • Education

    Ph.D. in Computer Science
    Master of Fine Art
    B.A. in English
    CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis
    CFA in Accounting
    Lead Editing in Criminology

    Past Employment

    Over the years, I have worked as a freelance academic writer handling projects ranging from finance, English, engineering, and many others. Moreover, I have around 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience. I have over 96% customer return, which means my clinets are happy with what I offer.


    I am a professional researcher and writer with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Master of Fine Art, B.A. in English and CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis. When you select me for your assignment, be assured of high quality and timely delivery. 


    Date Comment Rating
    12/06/2017 Professor Grace exceeded every expectation of mine.  She followed directions perfectly and every assignment was done exactly how I wanted and was on time.  Could not have asked for anything more! 
    12/04/2017 I put in for this project at the beginning of the semester since I would have to make adjustments to it once I attended a certain meeting and wanted to have plenty of time. This professor was extremely quick, finishing the paper weeks ahead of time. The paper was perfect and I was able to add the required material to it with ease. I've had the paper for a couple months now, and just got the grade of an A. Thanks!
    11/25/2017 Great work and wonderful timing! Will def use Prof Grace again!
    11/12/2017 Great work.  Very fast response.  Paper was done early and well written.  I would definitely use this great professor again.
    11/11/2017 This is the second time I’ve used grace and she always does a great job and ahead of schedule. 
    11/07/2017 Exactly as asked
    11/03/2017 Amazingly fast work.  Exactly what I needed. 
    10/23/2017 finished early. too good had to dumb it down. thanks
    10/07/2017 Great work!
    10/07/2017 She did it ahead of schedule and even a little over the word count. Thank you for helping me with this bitchy professor's assignment.
    10/06/2017 Quick and Effecient. A+
    10/05/2017 Grace absolutely knocked my research paper out of the park. I did not need to change a single thing about this paper, it was perfect. The paper was organized, professional, no errors at all and she produced it a week early on top of everything. This was my first time using this service and I was a bit nervous to be honest but I will most certainly use her as my professor for any future needs.
    09/30/2017 Very fast on providing feedback on project and submitting final project. I had no issues with outcome and very satisfied. Helped me very much when I could not complete on time project due to traveling with work.
    09/29/2017 Well wasn't that just fantastic? Here I wanted to visit the nasty 'Nati and watch the hometown Reds destroy the Boston Red Sox, but ya know... I'm trying to get back into college. Gotta write this damn entrance essay. "But dude, it's been like five years since you've written anything to be submitted for a grade - whatever in the world are you going to do??"

    Well, I'll be damned. I didn't do a thing. Instead, the Boston Red Sox destroyed the Reds, I destroyed about three dozen too many beers, and grace destroyed this essay.

    Not how I would have written it - more thorough in some ways and less so in others. And that’s not at all meant to take anything away from it. Fantastic writing. Super great job. Completed on time and everything. Holy cow was that expensive though. But hey – she’s gotta make her money and I gotta get into school. It ended up being like ten cents a word – but all the professors had the same rate. Nice little Oligarchy they all got goin on there. But shitfireinthemorning, I’ll be back and grace is going be the first to know!
    09/26/2017 oh yeahhhhh!
    09/18/2017 Perfect!!!
    09/07/2017 Very good work. I asked her to do my ssignment in an hour and she gave it to me right on time!
    09/01/2017 Super talented! Professional. 
    08/22/2017 Excellent essay, faster than my required date of completion 10/10
    Thank you so very much it looks good. I appreciate it.
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