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  • Education

    PhD, Business Administration (Information Systems) (Tier 1 University)

    BSc, Management Science and Technology, Management of Information Systems and E-Business (Tier 1 University)

    Past Employment

    Currently, I work as an Assistant Professor. I have past work experience that encompases the fields of business and IT. Over the last two decades I have worked in various positions that include Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, IT Business Analyst, Information Technology Agent and Business-to-Business Customer Service Agent.  


    As a testament of my pedigree I am currently an Assistant Professor. As such, you can expect top of the grade papers as I understand what a tutor expects from your paper. I tackle papers in the fields of accounting, finance, computer science, technology and IT web. I also dabble in statistics and mathematics as well as history and the arts. 

    I guarantee your success. 



    Date Comment Rating
    11/17/2017 Essay was very insightful and the professor seems very knowledgable. Although better and quicker communication, but all in all highly recommended!
    11/14/2017 Asked for a 15 page paper and recieved an 11 pager.  The grammer and flow of the paper was horrendous.  I'm confident that english is not this person's primary language.  Use this service at your own risk.  Will require a complete rewrite.  Thank goodness I built time in for this worst case scenario.  $ down the drain.
    09/13/2017 Outstanding work!  Very meticulous and detail oriented. Will use this professor over and over again!
    08/25/2017 delivered on time and was exactly what was needed
    08/18/2017 Poor quality writing littered with mistakes, typos, and grammar errors. Despite specific direction on the analysis, it was executed without regard to supplied resources outlining objectives. Had professor make revisions, which were submitted well past the original deadline and didn't offer much restitution to the craftsmanship of the work.
    08/17/2017 I have to say, I am pretty impressed overall with the work that was done.  While there are a few items I plan on editing myself, the entirety of the project saved me a lot of time I didn't have to spare. Thank you!
    08/09/2017 good
    07/31/2017 333/350 on my final assignment.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better grade as the professor "made corrections to one of the problems" a day before the final project was due, so the errors on the assignment were not actual errors.  I even tipped $10 because I was so impressed with the APA formatting, the layout of the solutions and the early submission of my assignment.  Thank you so much!
    07/25/2017 I received 80/80 on my assignment.  All formatting for APA was done perfectly and the professor had my assignment to me earlier then the given date.  I would absolutely recommend this professor to anyone in the Finance field.  Amazing work!
    06/30/2017 100%
    06/30/2017 100%
    06/28/2017 Produced great work and kept an open line of communication with me during the process.
    06/02/2017 Excellent product, short turnaround, great communication. HIGHLY recommended.
    05/15/2017 Great Analysis of a company's financial statements using the material from my course!
    05/09/2017 Mr. tweedsucess has done an incredible job of a Sociology Statistics project. He did everythig exactly according to my instructions. If you need someone that is proficient in STATA, he is the man.
    05/09/2017 tweedsucess finished an extrememly detailed and complicated project in a miraculous amount of time! produced an excellent quality document with only minor flaws that didn't deduct from the quality of work. thanks!
    05/05/2017 great job
    05/04/2017 Professional paper. Direct to the point. Thanks.
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