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English 81 History 80 Business 66 Medicine and Health 61 Political Science 56 English Literature 55 Philosophy 40 Sociology 35 Accounting 33 Criminology 29
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    Bachelor of Science (Physics/Mathematics, Ivy League), Master of Arts (English Lit, Ivy League), PhD (English Lit, Ivy League.

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    Been a ghostwriter and tutor for roughly 15 years. I've written on pretty much every subject, and every topic. My work is characterized by elegance and strong argument. I attend carefully to the instructions, and make sure I deliver a paper on topic, which meets citation standards. I have written everything from basic persuasive essays, to theses and dissertations. I am expert in the following areas: English History Business Criminology Psychology Law Political Science Economics Philosophy Education Film Anthropology I stand behind my work, and always meet my client's expectations. I look forward to working with you to meet your academic needs.


    I pride myself on elegantly crafted, cogent and expressive essays, term papers, theses and dissertations. Let me get you an A+!


    Date Comment Rating
    09/12/2017 Awesome paper, needed to submit to and it passed authenticity! Would definitely recommend website/professor if you don't have time to write an essay/paper. Thank you again!!!
    08/23/2017 Great paper! A+
    08/23/2017 Excellent work!
    08/23/2017 This was exactly what I needed, thank you!
    08/23/2017 Excellent work! Thank you!
    08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
    08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
    08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
    08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
    08/15/2017 Good work. 
    08/15/2017 Good work. 
    08/15/2017 Good work. 
    08/15/2017 Great work. 
    08/15/2017 Great work. 
    07/27/2017 two spelling errors several grammatical errors. Your vocabulary was generally good, but the article didn't have much personality. I don't think you understood that it was an article not an essay for a journalism class. 

    I think if you are paying for an essay, grammatical and spelling errors should be inexcusable. Especially when the buyer (me in this case) specifies the article is for a graduate level course. 

    Good customer service, but still spent a few hours making corrections. 
    07/17/2017 Paid for pages that were not written, recieved the paper late, and failed the assignment because there was not enough content besides quotes and paraphrasing. 
    07/06/2017 Got a 175/200 on the assignment. Not too impressive, considering the price I paid. However, the assignment was delivered before the deadline, so that was nice.
    07/04/2017 A great paper, just handed in a little late. I would still recommend the writer as he wrote a fantasical paper. I would work with again. 10/10 paper with very little mistakes. Excellent communication.
    06/21/2017 Pleased with the project and would gladly pick this UP again.  I was not thrilled that I got an 93 on the paper as it was solid and the instructor deducted for something that was not required.  The A was low but the UP afforded a great project.
    06/21/2017 Pleased with the UP and the project.
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