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    PhD Experimental Psychology

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    Date Comment Rating
    09/28/2017 Excellent
    09/22/2017 Excellent use of mindmapping software. Got good grade
    09/22/2017 Excellent writing. Got good grade
    09/22/2017 Excellent work as always. Got an A
    09/22/2017 Excellent paper. Got good grade!
    09/22/2017 The BEST!
    08/26/2017 On time and great quality!

    08/22/2017 Got an A. Great writing. Thank you. Best.
    08/22/2017 Got a terrific grade. Excellent APA writing. Simply the best. 
    08/22/2017 Got and A. Excellent paper. Best!
    08/21/2017 Excellent job!
    08/21/2017 Excellent work!
    08/21/2017 Excellent job!
    07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Always on time. Great writing. Got good grade. Thank you.
    07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Got good grade. Highly recommended. Thank you
    07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Got a good grade. Thank you
    07/24/2017 Got excellent grade. Thank you
    07/24/2017 Didn't use APA format, didnt cite from the research at all, several gramatical errors including using the word "basically" 5 times in a 500 word paper. This was for grad school so the calaber of writing is expected to be much higher than, say, psych 101. Not thrilled with the work. Got a C. 
    07/19/2017 I got an A on this paper but it did take a little polishing on my part to fix some formattin issues and it had an outline font setting embedded in the document that I could not change.  Although it looked fine on the screen, it printed crazy looking.  I had to export the entire document to another word processor (Open Office) completely reformat it and print it from that system instead of being able to print it from MS Word.  I eventually tracked down and eliminated the formatting but it was the hardest I ever worked on a paper to just get it to print with the required font.
    07/07/2017 Great Summary. The best. Good knowledge of APA reference style
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