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    BA, philosophy and theology; MA, sociology; PhD, sociology.

    Past Employment

    Areas of expertise: classic and contemporary social and sociological theory; gender, masculinities, and sexualities; social and cultural movements; sociology of culture and cultural sociology; social problems, deviance, crime, and social control; and social identities.

    Further areas of proficiency and interest: philosophy; qualitative research methods; moralities, social ethics, and questions surrounding social justice; social and developmental psychology, symbolic interactionism, and sociology of emotions; criminology; race, class, gender, and their intersections; sociology of health and food; law, the welfare state, politics, elections, and social service delivery.  

    Social theorists: Marx and the marxists, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, George Herbert Mead, Sigmund Freud, Norbert Elias, Michel Foucault, Peter Berger, Erving Goffman, Patricia Hill Collins, Pierre Bourdieu, Judith Butler, Zygmunt Bauman, etc.

    I've taught at a most selective liberal arts college, a highly selective liberal arts college, a highly selective private urban university, a selective urban public college, a less selective urban public university, and two private highly selective Catholic universities. And I've worked on the editorial team of several academic journals. Beyond that, I've worked on Capitol Hill in DC, as well as for large-scale public health studies as a field researcher.


    Sociologist. Ethnographer. Political junkie. Urbanophile. Reading addict. Gym rat. Beach bum.

    I'll write your paper. You read it. And you'll still learn something.


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    08/21/2017 Excellent work!
    07/02/2017 Solid work, I literally have to dumb this paper down some. On time and excellent communication as well. Would use again.
    04/25/2017 Quite a long paper done in not a lot of time with next to no notice. Still GREAT quality and a few hours early too. Would certainly recommend.
    12/20/2016 Great communication and amazing work!
    12/10/2016 Couldnt be happier with timing, price, communication, and the paper was great. Thanks for saving me
    11/30/2016 poor written paper based on reading an article. the paper was not even sent to me in the proper asked format. Overall i got a 50 out of 100. I have noticed a trend on many of he professors here that like to be paid but give out a poor paper. Please know that people that use your services do for important papers and assignments that are worth a lot of their grade. I will never use this professor again. 
    Amazing Theology paper!!! Thank you!!
    11/24/2016 I got an A on my discussion post. He's thorough and accurate.
    11/06/2016 Fantastic job!
    10/27/2016 Great job! Highly recommended!
    08/02/2016 Professor-Guttersnipe is the best! Always A+ papers
    08/02/2016 Great paper!!!
    05/29/2016 AMAZING service !! always on time and excellent work always
    12/15/2015 Awesome! Very helpful. 
    11/11/2015 easy to understand, reasonably bid and got an A+ [90/100]  on the essay! 
    08/30/2015 This has turly been one of the worst experiences of my life. The professor did not respond to my messages, I waited two weeks past the due date. I ended up failng the class due to the lateness of the paper. The citations are not properly cited (in text) and the paper seems a bit disorganized. This has been HELL!!!!! I may be able to use the paper for another class after many hours of editing and proofreading. 
    08/14/2015 Paper was graded above the instructors standard. Thanks.
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