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  • Education

    B.A. in English from a fine mid-West college, a Master's Degree in writing and an MS in Education from upstanding East Coast schools.

    Past Employment

    Lady of many trades--legal secretary, ESOL teacher, local tour guide, extra actor, camp cook, newsletter formatter, freelancer, nursery school teacher, and a very fine English instructor. Have to continually do to continually learn.


    Hi,  My background is in nonfiction writing, and I specialize in essays and research papers as well as college essays and personal statements. Current events, American lit. (1800-1970s and some contemporary), short story analysis, and even Shakespeare fall into my realm. I also have a strong background in film analysis, women's topics, sports, and current education issues. I dabble in communciations and history from time to time, and I'm always game for a good lit review. I'm fluent in MLA and APA format with a bit of Chicago and Harvard on the side and have worked with grads and undergrads.

    Interests:  I keep up to date with music, television, news, and most any current event. I volunteer a lot in my city and am always looking to learn. I enjoy the great outdoors, books, and a good media event--music, movie, or discussion.


    Date Comment Rating
    09/18/2017 was not bad
    09/05/2017 I truly cannot believe how this individual has such a high rating. I submitted my admissions essay draft to be reviewed. Boy was it butchered, as key points were removed. In addition, at least five or six grammatical errors were inputted into my draft. I would not recommend this person.
    08/08/2017 60/60 received on a 1,000 word essay! The professor wrote that it was a unqiue choice (was a more informal, review type assignment, so Grey-Matter chose the subject) and his favorite in the class! Quick turnaround time and necessary changes were made when I asked. 
    08/08/2017 Detailed discussion posts delivered the same day with very competitive pricing! Exactly what I was looking for and went above and beyond in length! 
    Thank you!!!!!
    04/24/2017 I dont know what happened with the last couple of reviews because I think Grey-Matter is the best. I got an A on my last paper with them and so I invited them to work on my next paper and they gladly communicated with me on it and turned it in on time as well. Happy with the paper. Will def choose Grey-Matter for my next as well! My favorite professor on this site!
    04/10/2017 Pretty average work. Essay lacks coherence and there are quite a few grammatical errors. 
    04/07/2017 I would never in my life recommend this "professor". The first draft was late/horrific and didnt follow anything that I asked for. The final product was a joke with errors even in the very first four words. It was also 4 hours past when I had asked for it. DO NOT be fooled by this website or their so called "professors" this shit is a scam. I hope Grey-Matter takes the money that I paid them to educate themselves on how to write. Thank you for wasting my time and money. 
    03/21/2017 Took my original idea for the concept, and made it even better!  Quick communciation back and forth.  If I was ever confused or needed help with a question Grey-Matter acted like a true professional.  Excellent grade as well.
    03/06/2017 Grey-Matter is literally doing God's work for us real life lazy bastards.
    02/15/2017 Got a C- on my paper. Was not "in depth" enough. Was a couple minutes late on the deadline when turning in the paper. 
    02/10/2017 1st time trying out website and trust me I will come back. Great work!!!
    09/23/2016 I really appreciate you keeping in touch with me throughout the process and sending me little questions.  It makes me feel like you are "really" working and someone has not forgotten me.

    05/21/2016 Thanks :)
    05/08/2016 I found a few grammar errors, but the price was well and communication was good.
    04/28/2016 Fantastic. Essay: A+.
    04/11/2016 Made an 85 out of 100. 
    03/15/2016 Awesome work, every time.
    03/15/2016 Great stuff!
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