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    PhD./M.A./B.S./B.A. Booyah.

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    Graduate degrees in both English Lit and Mathematics, and I know plenty of science. STEM people, I'm your dude for getting through those departmental writing requirements.


    Date Comment Rating
    10/14/2017 Perfect quality work everytime! My go to professor. I refuse to use anyone but Casper 
    07/07/2017 Excellent work! Timely completion.
    06/24/2017 He did an excellent job and followed all my instructions. It was a really well-written, thoughtful essay and he provided me with a nice outline that I requested. I sent him example essays that I have written in the past so that he would know my writing style and perhaps be able to copy it, and to my surprise he did and he did it really well. I was more than pleased and would definitely go back to him in the future!
    06/23/2017 Excellent person to work with. You will be amazed with the work HighEndDelivery puts in to your assignments.
    06/22/2017 Great work!
    05/08/2017 Professor was fantastic. Great to communicate with. Paper was returned to me right on time. Got a 97% on the paper. 
    05/08/2017 Paper was excellent. No doubt, 90-100% grade level material. That being said, the required time/due date was missed by a few hours. While this didn't create a huge issue due to the fact that I gave myself some 'wiggle room' just in case, it could have been disastrous. Overall, I am very satisfied with the completed project and would use this profesor again with that caveat in mind.
    04/22/2017 Wonderfully crafted essay, on time, great communication throughout the process. Would highly recommend, and will be using again.
    04/17/2017 Great save on a last minute 3 page philosophical paper, 83/100. B.
    03/26/2017 Completed my project early and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.
    03/08/2017 Excellent work! Got an A!
    03/08/2017 A+ Quality!!!
    02/12/2017 The product produced by this professor was excellent and passed without any issues.  He was easy to work with and he is defintely one of the better professors that I have used on this site.  I have had some very bad ones, and I would definetely use HighEndDelivery for any pre-requisite coursework.  He definitely earned his fee on this project, and I am pleased.
    02/12/2017 Excellent product produced from this professor.  Had him do a sophmore level essay, and it passed with flying colors.  Paper was not delivered until the final deadline, but that really is not his fault, because that is what we agreed to.  I would recommend anyone using services from this site, to allow for time for revisions.

    I would use this professor again and recommend him, especially given his price point.
    02/11/2017 Professor was extremely dilligent and super fast with responding to any of my queries. The paper he wrote up was nothing short of brilliant- thanks so much. Highly recommended
    02/03/2017 The assignment was uploaded slight past the deadline but all in all recommended! 
    Sorry my feedback is so late! This professor did an awesome job. I got an A on the assignment and he was even able to cite from the textbook!
    12/18/2016 Make sure to specify if you want your paper before the due date. My paper was finished and sent to me mid-day of the due date. Paper was well written though. Also allow 24 hours for the professor to respond because it wont be right away.
    12/14/2016 Highly reccomend this professor.  Everything completed on time with minimal to no errors.  Received full credit on the paper, I was happy with the final results. 
    12/12/2016 Perfect and original!
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