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    06/09/2017 This professor has never let me down. The work is excellent.  I will choose this professor everytime
    06/06/2017 This was my second time using this professor and the paper was as good as the first. 
    06/06/2017 This professor answered my message almost immediately (I was just updating some information the class gave me) and the paper was great. It was easily understood, there were very few grammatical errors, and it was 8 pages long when I had only notated that it had to be 4. I told the professor that it was more about quality than quantity and they delievered. 
    05/21/2017 I got a B+ on my presentation, but the project was A+ quality work. The professor was just dumb and picky. I will definitely use 

    Businessandmedical again!!

    05/20/2017 Very well done, detailed
    05/11/2017 they made an effort but it was poorly written. 
    05/02/2017 Very good word choices I love it thank you!
    04/28/2017 awesome report. will definitely use this professor again. highly recommend
    04/01/2017 If you want a perfect paper pick this professor
    Follows he rubric well

    03/30/2017 very professional and clear paper. got 77 b+ 
    12/20/2016 Very good paper
    12/20/2016 Love working with this professor. Papers are very good.
    12/20/2016 Paper was really good. Thank you
    12/20/2016 Very happy repeat customer!
    12/20/2016 Amazing paper! Thank you :)
    12/20/2016 One of my top favorite people to work with! Outstanding work every time! Thank you!!!!
    12/15/2016 Great work!
    12/01/2016 Great writer, gave me the project early and did exactly what i asked for!!!
    11/29/2016 This professor does what you ask, and more. This professor goes above and beyond. She is prompt and ontime and makes sure that she follows the rubric. I always get an A.

    11/27/2016 Awesome job!  Easy to work with and will definitely use services again, again! ;-)
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