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(Now we also help you with all your online courses)


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Many students make the mistake of writing the entry essay in the same way they’d craft a term paper: the introduction is thus a mere description of what will be discussed in the rest of the document.  An example of this approach might be, “I am well prepared for the demands of university thanks to the breadth of my background, which includes academic, volunteer, and professional experiences.”

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Expository essays set out to provide information in an explanatory fashion. Persuasive essays, on the other hand, attempt to present a specific point of view with the aim of bringing the reader into an agreement. An example of exposition might be what a professor would present in a lecture: he is trying to explain a specific subject to his audience to cultivate their comprehension.

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Unemployed Professors, one of the most trusted names in academic writing, has always put you first. It’s why we have the best professors, the best customer service, and the best sense of humor. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve launched a new payment option: Crypto. That’s right – you can now deposit crypto to...

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The five areas we recommend you focus on are Reputation, Cost, Customer Support, Author Expertise, and Revision and Refund Policy.  Two other areas to be considered separately are making sure you won’t get caught, and timeliness.

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We’re sorry we forgot Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day, and even Mardi Gras. But we’ve got something even better for you than a cheesy valentine, stale candy hearts that taste like toothpaste, bad Abe Lincoln hat, or plastic beads to wear in lieu of a shirt.   We know you’ve been waiting to get around...

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  One of the best things about a rice cooker is that you can throw stuff in and walk away. This is perfect for students. But how do you decide what to cook, and why would you want to when there are microwave burritos to be consumed? If you only have a tiny fridge and...

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      Whether you’re living at home or hunkered down in a decidedly un-fun dorm, nobody likes spending a lot of money on groceries or eating cafeteria food. And let’s face it, Hot Pockets and microwave burritos are fart and sodium bombs. But between COVID impacting university life and even how you get groceries...

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  Are you American? Do you have strong opinions about where the country is or should be going? Do you enjoy standing in line and getting stickers while watching the world burn? Are you a student confused about how to register, especially during this fabulous plague year? Then you probably want to know how you...

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Deleuzienne here with some tips for trying to get the most out of a disappointing term! So you’re paying tuition for a term of Zoom and quarantine. Bad luck. If it’s any comfort, your professors really would have preferred to meet in person with you, too! I’ve tried to come up with some useful and...

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Can you believe it’s already the summer solstice? Considering that 2020 may be the longest year in human history, seems like a good time to reflect on the tsunami of current events the first half of 2020 has barfed onto us. Looking back over this year, it seems like it was only a few short...

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