Unemployed Professors Scholarship

The new Unemployed Professors scholarship contest will award $1000 dollars (USD) to one needy, talented student in the US or Canada. This prize will be awarded on the basis of an essay and judged on the student’s ability to engage with critical thinking, original thought, and of course, basic writing skills. If the student shares information such as their income, we will also consider financial need as a secondary qualification. However, this is not required and it is not the primary criteria for the award.

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter and be a student at a college or university in Canada or the United States. You must read and agree to the rules. The applications open on 9/1/2016, close on 10/31/2016 and the winner will be announced on or about 1/15/2017.

There will be one winner of a $1000 prize. Depending on funds, there may also be a runner-up or honourable mention.

We’re excited to read your essays! Remember that they must respond to the prompt in some form (be creative, but professional!). The topic is below:

PROMPT: What factors lead to cheating among students? Why? What can colleges and universities do to reduce cheating?

Essay Response:
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Terms and conditions

  • This essay is my own work, and I did not even pay Unemployed Professors to help me write it. For real. Because if I did that would be SUPER lame…
  • I understand that my enrolment may be verified before funds are released. I agree that all proceeds will be used exclusively for tuition or for other qualified educational costs at an accredited college or university. See this link for some information about what constitutes cost of attendance and educational costs. New laptop, textbooks, parking pass: totally qualified. Kegger for your friends and strippers? Not so much.
  • This essay will become the intellectual property of UnemployedProfessors.com and if I am chosen as a winner, runner-up, or if I receive an honorable mention, this essay may be featured in promotional materials for UnemployedProfessors.com including but not limited to the blog, official Instagram account, or webpage
  • If I am a winner, runner-up, or otherwise receive distinction, my writing, my name or my likeness may be used in promotional materials for UnemployedProfessors.com
  • If named a winner, I alone am responsible for adhering to and complying with all taxation and tax regulations affecting my receipt of these award funds and their use for educational purposes.
  • I agree not to hold UnemployedProfessors.com liable for any damages, embarrassment, taxes, or any other punitive and non-punitive consequences of my entering or winning this contest
  • I understand that my essay will neither be returned nor offered feedback on, and the judges' decision is binding, final, and not subject to arbitration
  • I am a student at a college or university in Canada or the United States. (Students of other countries: We are sorry! We will have a contest for you sometime in the future!)
 I agree with the terms and conditions